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Hi, I’m Spencer, Welcome to my Best Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews website! If you plan to buy a new adjustable kettlebell and looking for some recommendations, you have come to the right place. I own couple types of adjustable kettlebells and I think having kettlebell at home is just a plain simple way to enjoy life.

Best Adjustable Kettlebells are one of those equipments that you can use to workout at home on your own. This is like bringing the gym to your house.

Many people nowadays who want to be physical fit is increasing more and more. This is because lots of us are becoming aware, not only of shape improvement, but most importantly due to our wellness and health. Hence, there are so many of us who go to gym consistently in order to workout. However, another excellent pattern that is spreading these days is having your workout at your home.

Actually, Today there are already so many types of these kettlebells in the market. Hence people get confused when it comes to choosing the best adjustable kettlebell that they can purchase.

What is a Kettlebell?

Kettlebells have been recorded as being used for exercise as far back as 1704 in Russia. Until recently, they were not seen in many Western mainstream gyms, so people often make the mistake of considering them a gimmick. This is absolutely not the case. Kettlebells provide one of the best full-body workouts it is possible to get.

The kettlebell is essentially a cast iron ball (like a cannon ball) with a handle. The shape of kettlebells means that their weight is not distributed evenly, so kettlebell workouts differ greatly form those done with dumbbells, since there is a need to counterbalance and stabilize the weight with your body.

Bells come in a range of weights from 9lbs (4kg) to 105lbs (47kg). Beginners usually start on lower weights, but even with the lightest kettlebell you will still get an intensive workout. Kettlebells are suitable for men and women; most women start out with around an 18lb bell and work up to around 26lbs.

Top 5 Brands of Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable Kettlebells are getting very popular in the modern times due to the easiness they offer while exercise. A correct kettlebell is the one, which people can use for working out at their home on their own. It would help you to make a gym at your home. If you are thinking about buying a perfect Adjustable Kettlebells, you can choose among these top five brands available in the market today.

This is one of the most popular brands of kettlebell. People can get a lot of health and fitness benefits using the same. What most users like in this brand is flexibility and the benefit of saving money since it is available at reasonable a price. The design of the bell is compact and takes very little space. It has a powerful, plane bottom design that allows users to perform advance workouts as well.

Top 10 Best Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable kettlebells are becoming a very popular alternative to simply having a kettlebell set of different weigh ranges. There are many reasons for the adjustable kettlebell’s spike in popularity. Firstly, its space saving, so it gives you the ability to essentially have a full kettlebell set for progression but in one compact kettlebell, perfect for people living in say a small flat, or who just don’t like clutter.

Secondly, it makes the kettlebell perfect for progression or sharing with a partner who may not be up to the same level as you because the weight can simply be adjusted. Adjustable kettlebells work in a variety of different ways, and with so many now on the market it can be difficult choosing the one for you, I’m going to make that easier for you by narrowing down your search to the top 10 best adjustable kettlebells.

Top Rated Adjustable Kettlebells

The use of kettlebells allows you to gain muscle effectively and efficiently. Their popularity comes from the fact that they are vital tools for any person hoping to get pumped up and hoping to gain some strength. With the top rated options listed below, you can take advantage of quality and the exceptional results that they offer.

Since every person is different, it is important that you look at them all individually and compare based on your personal needs and interests. This will help you to see which of the top kettlebells will perform best for you.

An Old Russian Toy and the King of Kettlebells

Russian professional strongman Moor Znamenskly would do a handstand on two 32 kg kettlebells, after which he would jump back on his feet, lifting the bells over his head at the same time. Then he would drop back in a handstand, and repeat the drill ten times!

Many famous Soviet weightlifters, such as Vorobyev, Vlasov, Alexeyev, and Stogov, started their Olympic careers with old fashioned two-time Olympic champion and world record holder Leonid Zhabotinskiy: “We kids got in to the habit of visiting the local blacksmith. Among the metal scrap in his shop 16 kg kettlebell. So we tried real hard lifting it with one arm, then with the other, so we would hurt all over the day!…It was my first competition in lifting weights.” No wonder one prestigious kettlebell tournament was made after Leonid Zhabotinskiy.

Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Bell Review

Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-BellAdjustable kettlebells are one of the best option if you are a beginner in the world of kettlebell workout. Adjustable kettlebells can help you customize your workout without spending large amounts of money.

Stamina 36-pound Adjustable kettle Versa-Bell comes with and inclusive square base pad holder where you can put the weights that aren’t in use. This kettlebell doesn’t take up a lot of the storage space as well.


The MiR Pro Adjustable KettleBell – Pros & Cons

Mir® - Pro 83lbs Adjustable Kettlebell( From 10lbs to 83lbs )Pros:
1. If you don’t have any prior experience with kettlebells, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a single kettlebell only to have to buy other sizes until you find the right weight (or have to buy a heavier weight as strength improves) so an adjustable kettlebell is an economiical choice.
2. The MiR 18-78 lbs Adjustable Kettlebell gives you the most weight/range for the money.
3. It is very solid and the weight plates are safely locked in place.

1. It’s designed more for safety than fast weight changes so don’t expect to transition quickly from one weight to another.
2. The threads on the bars that hold the weight plates are very fine so it’s somewhat difficult to thread the collars on without cross-threading them. Also, the fine threads need to be kept clean or the collars are difficult to spin. A heavier thread would be a big improvement.
Overall a great product, especially for the money.

‘Kettlestack’ Adjustable Kettlebell Review – I am highly impressed with this product

Kettlestack Adjustable KettlebellIf you are interested in working out with kettlebells (which you really should be, they are one of the best workouts on the planet) then you have most likely noticed that a solid cast iron kettlebell is a pricey investment, and it was honestly too much money for me to fork over for something that I had never used before.

The main advantage of the kettle stack has been its value. For about 100 dollars, I have two kettlebell handles. I purchased about 30 dollars worth of standard weights. Now, for a total of 130 dollars I have a 35 pound “kettlebell” and a 50 pound bell. When I am ready, I can up the weights with out any problem and have a 50 pount bell and a 70, or two 50′s. Compare that with spending 130 dollars to get one cast iron kettle bell with a set weight!

“CFF” 40 lb Adjustable Russian Kettlebell Review

Adjustable Russian Kettlebell

Adjustable Russian Kettlebell

It’s been a while since I received the CFF 40 lb Adjustable Russian Kettlebell… I wanted to wait and make sure that I had been using it for a good period of time before I wrote my review. Am I happy with my purchase?

Yes, I most definitely am. Would I recommend it to my friends who are interested in kettlebell training routines? I definitely would, without question. Is it completely perfect? No, it is not- as with everything in life, there are some flaws, but they can be dealt with.

It is not all that bad, and I have so far been completely impressed with the quality of this equipment.

“CAP Barbell” 40lb Adjustable Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

Adjustable-KettlebellThe Cap Barbell 40lb Adjustable Kettlebell progresses with you and enables you to adjust weight without needing to change equipment. Basically press and turn the dial to adjust the weight. It’s that easy!

Durable: The whole kettlebell, from the main body to the adjustable weights and handle, is made from 100% cast iron. It may withstand even the toughest abuse.

Sturdy grip: The handle’s matte finish helps build a sturdier and much more comfy grip. There is no need to worry about the bell slipping out of your hands mid workout.

Rubber base: A rubberized base keeps the kettlebell from gliding on slick surfaces and also prevents scuffing. Now you do not have to worry about damaging your hardwood floors if you mistakenly drop the bell.

Performance Fitness Systems Adjustable Kettlebell Review

I found that the Performance Fitness systems adjustable Kettlebell can be adjusted up to 20 pounds by increasing 5 pounds at a time. These adjustable kettle bells are highly innovative as well as convenient to use. When you have this type of Kettlebells you can continue to use that when you are beyond the fitness level.

We can easily adjust the dial in this type of Kettlebells so as to share the weight and you will not lose your grip also thanks to the padded handle that is sufficiently large. The best adjustable kettle bells are provided with weight indicators that enable us to know the exact weight that was selected. A workout DVD is also offered along with this Kettlebell.

Empower 3 in 1 Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Empower recently launched a 3-in-1 Adjustable Kettlebell. Shortly, after this product was out in the market, it became extremely popular, especially amongst women. This Kettlebell is easy to use and it can be used at three different weights. That is 5 pounds, 8 pounds and 12 pounds.

This kettle bell is one-of-a-kind. According to the manufacturers this product is mainly designed for women. Therefore, it has extremely soft plastic based shells that seem easy to use. Moreover, thanks to the soft grip now the nails and soft hands of women will not get ruined. The ladies can work out freely while controlling all their moves without jeopardizing their French manicure or softness of the hands.

The manufacturer of the three in one Kettlebell workout solution understands the importance of performing the right exercises. As performing a workout or exercise program incorrectly may lead to serious injuries and the entire hard work goes in vein. Keeping this in mind this product comes with a proper professional based workout DVD. This way all you have to do is watch the DVD while working out.

So now you can start your work out immediately. Moreover, the entire work out program is so much fun to do that you will always be motivated to exercise. This workout DVD is comprised of three different workouts so now you can have a variety of workouts without ever getting bored. These workouts are meant to challenge you to do a better job and go fitter while having fun. Apart from that, if you are interested in learning more exercises then all you have to do is go online and check out the exercise guide.

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell Review

Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell ReviewI still remember the old and primitive ways of working out. I always had to opt for crunches and planks. These methods of exercise were useful only if you know how to do them properly.

Initially, I would always end up with sore muscle or any other issue. Due to this reason I was often demotivated to exercise. After few years the brand new and innovative methods of workout evolved. These methods are fun and effective.
Moreover, with the passage of time I realized the importance of weights for women.

I always thought that this equipment is meant for men. But now the concept of Kettlebells has completely changed my perspective and they have revolutionized the entire method of workout. I was completely new to the idea of weight lifting so my trainer suggested me to opt for the Kettlebells that are manufactured by Rocketlok.

The best part about these Kettlebells is that they are perfect for all sorts of people. When I first started I was completely amateur so I always used lesser weight options however, my trainer uses these kettlebells just like any other athlete or professional.

The Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell is one of its own kinds. It has a perfect solid shape that makes it easy to hold and carry around. Moreover, the entire kettlebell set can be adjusted easily and it is very smooth to hold. You can adjust different weights easily. The conventional RKB-35 Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell is comprised of four weight options mainly.

These are 24 pounds, 28 pounds, 31 pounds and 35 pounds. Similarly, the RB-20 is comprised of 13 pounds, 17 pounds and 20 pounds. Therefore, if you are on the basic level and you just want to tone down your arms and your body then the RB-20 is a perfect option for you.

However, for athletes and advanced workout the RKB-35 is the most amazing option. Hence, the Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell is perfect option for all those who want to have a good body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The KettleClamp Adjustable Kettlebell Review

If you are looking for the best adjustable kettlebells, then KettleClamp adjustable kettlebell may just be what you need. It offers you a fantastic and easy way of upgrading your home fitness center into a higher level. It is a combination of several devices for exercise in a little package.

Dumbbells work well in the past and men that want to build and strengthen their muscles found them as a very reliable tool to exercise. But you can get the same fitness benefits if you use a kettlebell instead. That is true especially if you use the KettleClamp.

Top 5 Advantages of a Home Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are the most practical equipment used in strength building . What make this equipment very important to body builders as well as to those who just want to tore their muscles is that it can be used either inside the gym or even at home . In fact there are countless exercises that you can utilize together with your kettlebell workout .

However , It is very important for you to know and understand why home kettlebell workout is good for you . It’s also mandatory to know that there some safety measures that you must be aware of in order to avoid any potential injuries .

This guide aims to help you understand the advantages of home kettlebell fitness and get you motivated when doing it at home.

Adjustable Kettlebells are Good For Home Fitness

The adjustable kettlebell is a beautiful design innovation. While the different designs of adjustable kettlebells can vary considerably, they all share one distinct advantage over traditional free weight sets or even entire sets of variously weighted kettlebells: they take up a whole lot less space in your home gym, garage or wherever you do your training. This can yield some dramatic advantages, considering that nobody has infinite storage space they can use for all kinds of equipment. Simply put, an adjustable kettlebell is going to let you train as if you had a well-stocked gym – because it pretty much is a gym you can carry around with you.

Why the Need for Kettle Bells?

To begin with, it is one of the most versatile fitness tools. It offers you a variety of exercises all in one. It is great for any conditioning and strength program. This is amazingly effective in power lifting and weightlifting. The tool alone is enough for you to whip you into shape. It is known to improve your cardiovascular health, increase your strength and muscle mass, improve maximal and explosive strength and improve jumping power. In contrast to fixed load kettle bells, adjustable kettle bells can be loaded. It will save more space in your home too.

How Does an Adjustable Kettlebell Works?

Like others, I also aim to lose my extra pounds so I use adjustable kettlebell. This exercise tool is considered as the best one to use by someone who wants to workout at home. As I have to go to work almost every day, going to gym will not be a great choice for me because of the schedule, responsibilities and lifestyles. I know that it failure to have time to go to gym is not a valid reason why I should stop working out to lose weight.

A flexible kettlebell is the free weight equipment that has various weight “stacks” which users could add to modify the weight that they will use. It is the free weight with handle that is commonly used as a handy tool for weight training. An Adjustable Kettlebell gives abundant training opportunities which are extremely unique. With this tool, I found that it is easier to build on conventional kettlebell routines which originated in Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Best Adjustable Kettlebell: Exercise Purposefully, Exercise Passionately

The science of staying fit emphasizes on the need to follow a customized approach to achieve desired results. Adjustable Kettlebell brings a systematic approach for health-conscious individuals who know what to expect of the daily exercise regimen. This is an innovative concept to stay healthy without taking extra pressure, whatsoever. It would not be incorrect to put forth that adjustable kettlebell is an extension of kettlebells.

There is a better sense of control among users as they can balance the weight depending on individualistic preference. The adjustable or flexible nature provides an extra edge in comparison to the traditional equipment.

Which Kettlebell is the Best Depends on Your Environment and Your Ability?

The best kettlebell for you may not be the best for another person. Users are known to get very attached to their bells. They tend to become a part of the household. So choosing a kettlebell is a bit of a personal matter. But here is some guidance on how to choose the best kettlebell equipment for your needs.

Kettlebells are traditionally measured in poods, an old Russian unit of measure equivalent to 16 kg or 36 lb. The traditional sizes of kettlebells are one (16 kg/36 lb), one-and-a-half (24 kg/53 lb), and two pood (32 kg/71 lb) kettlebells. Since the kettlebells began to gain in popularity in the West, smaller and larger sizes have been introduced. You can now buy kettlebells as light as 2 kg (4.4 lb) and as heavy as 48 kg (106 lb).

Have You Got the Best Quality Adjustable Weights?

Adjustable weights ought to be the first thing you will look into if you are thinking of getting into a whole new workout experience. The idea behind this is actually very simple. Of course, the only way for your workout routines to work is when you combine both cardio and weight training as often as possible.

So if you have been jogging around the block for quite some time now and have not been seeing any results on your appearance alone, it may be because you are not doing the correct weight training exercises you’re supposed to do.

Adjustable Kettlebells – Your Endurance and Strength Partner!

Exercising with Kettlebell builds strength and endurance.  Unlike traditional dumbbells, Kettlebell ‘s center of mass is extended beyond the hand, particularly in the lower back, legs, shoulders with increased grip strength.

The basic movements like swing, snatch and jerk engage the whole body. Kettlebell exercise involves repetitive movements in short intervals therefore they work several muscles. This combination is more like aerobics than weightlifting.

The Multi-functioning Adjustable Cast Iron Kettle Bell

The Adjustable Cast Iron Kettle Bell is an extremely useful product for all the active individuals to add effectiveness into their workouts. Whenever one thinks about an ideal workout, the first thing that comes in mind is the ease of lifting heavy weights with the help of some modern day equipments. The exceptional progress that man has made in the field of science and technology has revolutionized this world in all aspects. This progress has also changed the frame of mind of the people.

Shape and Weights of the Adjustable Kettlebells

Looking like a cannonball with a handle over it and used to do ballistic, cardiovascular, flexibility training and strength exercises are referred to as adjustable kettlebell. It is a cast iron weight and most commonly found in gyms, physical training classes and stamina building sessions.

Importance of Kettlebell:

 This workout equipment is a must have equipment for everyone who has to grow some muscles. If you have such equipment you don’t need to go to the gyms to use some fancy and complicated machines, neither have you to purchase other expensive equipment.

What Kettlebell Weight Should I Start With?

Normally, the weight of a kettle ball ranges from 10 lbs to 106 lbs. The weight one should choose depends on the gender and the body type of an individual. A fit woman should take up 18lbs to start off with and the male counterpart should take up 35 lbs. Women out of shape 10 lbs whereas the out of shape men should choose to start with 26 lbs.

Once a person gets used to the present weight, it is suggested to increase the weight gradually rather than someone trying to hit a higher weight straightaway. Like dumbbells, the weight of kettle balls doesn’t go up in small measures.

3 Best Adjustable Kettlebells for Safe Workouts

There are many kettlebell in today’s market but not many of them are made for the customer’s safety. When I research safe adjustable kettlebells, I look at my own personal experience with the product, customer’s feedback and specifications of the product. When people review an adjustable kettlebell product, I find they overlook many small things which in reality, are pretty big for safety measures.

3 Reasons Why Adjustable Kettlebells Are The Best Option

For someone wanting to keep one’s body well shaped and toned, then the only option is to work out on a regular basis. One can choose free weights such as a Kettlebell to work out, which is highly recommended. But if you still do not have the necessary equipment, then the first point you should remember before you go out to buy one is that you have two main choices: fixed Kettlebells and adjustable Kettlebells. It will save you time to know that there are 3 reasons why you should use adjustable Kettlebells rather than a fixed one. The main argument in favour of using adjustable Kettlebells is that it allows one to progressively increase the weight as one becomes stronger and one’s endurance increases.

How Do You Use Adjustable Kettlebells?

Many people will discourage you from using kettlebells as a form of workout equipment that will help you become much stronger and build muscles.

There are professional weightlifters that have gone to the extent of saying people who have a more skinny body figure will not build a substantial muscle mass unless they utilize dumbbells or barbells in their resistance training.

Selecting the Best Adjustable Kettlebells – Some Tips

Adding a few sets of reps with some kettlebells can really help you take your workout routine to the next level.  If you’ve decided to invest in some new exercise equipment, we’ve compiled some handy tips that can help you to select the best adjustable kettlebells for your needs:

  • Adjustable – Make sure the unit you purchase is adjustable so you can vary the weight inside them as you become more fit.
  • Easy to Use – Check your kettlebells to make sure you will be able to open them and adjust the weights easily.
  • Large Handles – Look for oversized handles on your kettlebells; this will enable you to do exercises which use either one or two-handed grips.

When to Increase Kettlebell Weight?

You’re now the expert of the one kettlebell you have. You are able to swing it, clean it, and snatch it like no one’s organization; now you are getting bored.

Seems, you are way more amazing than you thought, and this kettlebell cannot challenge you, even with your most difficult routines! You’re so tough that you plan to have a new kettlebell, one that’s a whole half-pood (8kg/18lb) heavier. You will show this new kettlebell who the boss is, just like you did with its little sibling.

My son is thinking of getting his girlfriend an adjustable kettlebell for Christmas

Hi, everyone. My son is thinking of getting his girlfriend an adjustable kettlebell for Christmas. He got her Powerblocks for her birthday, and she loves them, so he was thinking of getting her the Powerblocks version of an adjustable kettlebell:

I think she’d really like kettlebell training, but she’s very petite, with a small bone structure and small hands. I’m worried that the Powerblock version may be too bulky for her.

I had a Kettlebell When I was like 10 Years Old

Well i had a kettlebell when i was like 10 years old but it was 8 kilos ( that was in Soviet Union, which was metric ) and too much for me. I never actually used one.

I had adjustable dumbbells at home for about a year now. I first got Ironmaster, but it was stinking up my room, so i returned it and got Powerblock Urethane – which is great !

So the Powerblock sits on a “Powerstation” stand which in the middle has a space for a Powerblock Kettlebell, or Kettleblock …

How to Choose Kettlebell Weight

It’s difficult to say what kettlebell it’s best to choose. There isn’t any correct science, only suggestions. Usually this depends on your experience and the lift. The best kettlebell for you personally might not be the very best for another person. People are recognized to get very attached to their bells. They tend becoming a part of the household. So choosing a kettlebell is a bit of an individual matter. However here’s some guidance on choosing the best kettlebell equipment for your requirements. Here How to Choose Kettlebell Weight?

How to Choose an Adjustable Kettlebell?

Kettlebell is a smart equipment for exercise and workouts. Selecting a good and effective kettlebell depends upon your experience and the lift you want during the exercise. This is a fact that the bell that one person uses, may not be correct for someone else. Since people get very fond of this useful training equipment, they have to be careful while selecting the best option for them. Here are few important things that you must notice, while buying adjustable kettlebell:

Kettlebell and Pregnancy. Can Pregnant Women Use Kettlebells?

I think this is most important question for every pregnant woman. Can Pregnant Women Use Kettlebells? You can use kettlebells for keeping yourself fit. Not any more. Do not forget please, you are not 1 person, you are 2 any more.

PowerBlock KettleBlock Review

The design is completely ingenious. It’s inexpensive considering it gives you 8 different weights to choose from. I can change weights in mere seconds, which allows me to keep my heart rate up for cardio and get the most out of my workout. The handle is super. It is made of metal, great for two-handed swings and I don’t need gloves or chalk to use it. That was a huge surprise for me. If you look at it, you will think no way, but try it. No need for gloves or chalk with this handle.

My suggestion is to try it. Use the youtube videos, use the book, give yourself two months. Then look in the mirror, measure your body, look at how much weight you can lift. You will not be disappointed with yourself if you are determined to making yourself healthier in a tiny closet apartment like I have.

5 Kettlebell Exercises For an All Over Workout

  • Swings

Our first kettlebell exercise is swings, and is probably also the most well known, however, don’t worry if you’re sat there not knowing about kettlebell swings, you’ll find all the information you need here on how to perform them.

Swings are very beneficial; it helps prepare the body to be able to endure physical stress, which is perfect for people studying other physical disciplines such as martial arts. Kettlebell swinging also encourages your body how to be able to absorb physical impacts, rather than be overwhelmed by it. Here’s how to correctly perform kettlebell swings:

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