Why are Kettlebells so Popular?

A kettle bell is a piece of exercise equipment that is used to increase muscle strength, cardivasulcar performance and increase flexibility. The easiest way to describe what a kettle bell looks like is to liken it to a cannonball with a handle.
They were originally developed in Russia in the 1700’s and were known as girya. Kettle bells were commonly used by the Russian military and armed services as a way to keep soldiers fit and aid in developing and maintaining strength.

Why are kettlebells so popular?

Good question and to be honest I had to do some research on this one. It appears that Kettle bells started gaining in popularity in the west around the late 90’s when Pavel Tsatsouline began marketing them. An ex Russian Special Forces instructor Pavel became known as the “kettle bell king” and even appeared in a 2001 edition of the rolling stones magazine with kettle bell in hand. Things really started to kick off after the publication of his book in 2001 called “The Russian Kettlebell Challenge” this was followed by two further books ”Enter the Kettlebell!” And “Return of the kettlebell”.

During the last decade kettle bell mania has spread from the USA to Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Many people think that kettle bells are just the latest gym gimmick that will disappear shortly only to be replaced by the next crazy South American fitness dances. The evidence would tend to suggest otherwise, first of all as we discussed kettlebells have been around for around 300 years, hardly a flash in the pan!

Many gyms and their personal trainers are now incorporating kettlebells into their exercise programs and class schedules meaning that they are investing money into purchasing kettle bells and storage racks. Interestingly adjustable kettle bells are not commonly found in gyms yet but we expect that to slowly change as more come onto the market.

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All You Need to Know About Getting Started with Kettlebells

Kettlebells workout has several fitness benefits and this is the reason that many fitness experts suggest doing Kettlebells workout, instead of any other exercise. But, before you start this workout, you need to know several different facts about the Kettlebells workout. Knowing these facts will let you practice this workout in the best way. Some of the relevant facts are described below:

Kettlebells workout is not dangerous for health:

Yes, it is not dangerous for your health at all. The only risk associated with Kettlebells is due to its faulty machinery. This is such a risk, which may arise in any fitness equipment, so it doesn’t mean that using Kettlebells is dangerous. If we talk about effectual and harmless lifting technique, the only way is that you need not use risky or broken equipment.

You need to get proper training first:

Do not do Kettlebells workout at your own. Rather find an instructor at some famous fitness club, and learn how to do Kettlebells effectively. Some people may argue that it is costly to get training from a fitness expert, but let me tell you a very important thing. Although, it can be very expensive, but the prospective benefits outweigh the money invested.

What if I do it without training? Some people do the Kettlebells workout without training to save money. But, they then need to spend more money for medical expenses when they get sick. So you need to get proper training before doing Kettlebells, and think of it as an investment and not as an expense.

What about its cost?

This is the main concern for most of the people that it is very expensive to buy Kettlebells workout equipment. Well, it is true that Kettlebells are expensive as compared to Barbells and dumbbells, but the fact is that there are several Kettlebells available in the market, which you may use for the whole of your life.

Even after years’ use, the equipment will look like new and will not have any signs of rust or chip. If you spend money on good quality equipment, only then you will be able to achieve health benefits associated with Kettlebells workout. It is better if you think its cost as an investment rather than as an expense.

What is the ideal weight to start with?

Picking up the right weight to start the workout is probably the most important factor when starting Kettlebells workout. Fitness experts have made a general rule that men need to start the Kettlebells workout with a 16kg Kettlebells and women need to use a 12kg Kettlebells initially. However, some experts adopt a conservative approach in this regard. They suggest that at the initial stage, men need to use a 12kg Kettlebells and women may use an 8 kg Kettlebell.

Smooth handles:

Your Kettlebells need to have a smooth handle instead of a rough one. Fitness experts say that using a Kettlebell which doesn’t have a smooth handle may cause your hand to get rough and hard. So choose a Kettlebell with a smooth handle.

Doing a Kettlebells workout gives you several health benefits, but you can only achieve these benefits if you pick the right weight of the equipment of good quality and get proper training from an instructor.

Pros and Cons of Kettlebells

Using Kettlebells is better than using barbells and dumbbells, as you experience a better workout with Kettlebells. You use your entire body, which gives you much better results, as compared to the results obtained by using dumbbells and barbells. Yes, it is great to practice this workout, but there are some disadvantages of using them as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of Kettlebells workout.


  • Cardio and Strength workout:

With this workout, you can merge cardio training and strength training in a single workout. A popular example is about Metabolic conditioning, which allows you to do Strength and Cardio workout  conveniently. Such training is not possible with any other type of workout.

  • Time saving:

Kettlebells workout lets you save a lot of time. You need to do a little amount of exercise to achieve great results. If you are stuck in your busy routine for the most part of the day, Kettlebells are the best option for you. It will let you look great in a short period of time, as it is a good substitute for intense workout routines.

  • Losing fat:

It is very easy to lose body fat if you use Kettlebells workout. Most of the times, people are unable to lose fat with exercise just because they don’t put in too much effort. In case of Kettlebells, you need to work harder to control the exercise. In turn, it lets you lose a significant amount of body fat.

  • Better than Dumbbells and Barbells:

It is the opinion of many famous fitness experts that far better results can be obtained, if you use Kettlebells instead of doing a workout with dumbbells and barbells. You may even try yourself, and you will realize the fact that Kettlebells make you work harder as compared to using dumbbells and barbells.

  • A complete package:

The great thing about this workout is that it encompasses all the major exercises in one workout. While doing this workout, most muscles of your body are in motion, which gives you a great experience. Such a great combination of all the exercises cannot be gained from any other exercise.

  • It is enjoyable:

It is not only an exercise which makes you fit, but is also an enjoyable activity to do. While most workouts make you bore, this workout gives you a very enjoyable activity. Fun and fitness go hand in hand while you practice Kettlebells workout.


While there may be many advantages of using Kettlebells, but there are some advantages too, which are discussed below:

  • Costly apparatus:

Although, the price of equipment has reduced a great deal, yet the Kettlebells are more expensive than barbells and dumbbells. This makes is difficult for most people to afford the equipment. However, the benefits of Kettlebells outweighs its price. So, while you buy it, regard it as a fruitful investment instead of an expense.

  • Expensive training:

The instructors, who train people to use this equipment charge a lot of money in return. While this is a big disadvantage, a good solution is that you should learn to use Kettlebells from a good online source.Although, there are some cons of using Kettlebells workout, yet it is suggested that you need to do Kettlebells workout to get the many benefits it carries.

Is a 12 kg Kettlebell too heavy?

Choosing the right type of Kettlebell is very important, as all the results of a good Kettlebell workout depend upon choosing the right type of Kettlebell. Most people are often confused about choosing the Kettlebell of such size, which is quite appropriate for them. Some people argue that 12kg is the right weight to start with, while others think that 16kg bells need to be used at the start. Here is some information which may help you decide if a 12kg bell is too heavy or not.

The fact is that there are different ideal weights for women and men. First, we will discuss the ideal weight of Kettlebells for men, and then we will discuss the ideal weight for women.

For men:

If you are trying this workout for the very first time, you need to choose a Kettlebell weighing 12 kg (26.5 lb. approx.) While some men think that this weight is quite light for them and they lift more than this weight in their daily routine, the fact is that Kettlebells workout is a very different workout, as compared to routine work and traditional exercises. Men may lift more than this weight, but while they are new to Kettlebells workout, it is difficult for them to life more Kettlebell weight.

A Kettlebell workout mobilizes all the muscles of your body. It will also mobilize such muscles, which were not mobilized before. For instance, the muscles of back, abdomen, and upper legs will get a great exercise while you do Kettlebells workout. So, you definitely need a light weight Kettlebell at the initial stage.

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What kind of exercises I can find in Kettlebell Training DVD?

When it comes to fitness we all have different choices, ranging from variety of diet plans to different work out techniques. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kettlebell Sport Training DVD, I would recommend, try it for once and you would feel healthy, fit and happy.

The Kettlebell training involves swinging cast iron weights that make your body muscles strong, enhance your stamina and help improving your agility. For athletes Kettlebell Sport training can do wonders.

What kind of exercises I can find in Kettlebell Training DVD?

To burn calories effectively is the main purpose of every workout plan but Kettlebell does it in a time and cost effective manner. Whether you want guidance on weight lifting workout or looking for a training plan that can help you improving cardiac muscles, Kettlebell has it all.

Once you start with the basic exercises you would feel excited to try the advanced ones. Gin Miller’s Calorie Burning Workout is one of the most popular Kettlebell training DVD. Grab your DVD and get started!

How Kettlebell Training works?

The basics of training are that you have to hold the kettlebell in the hands, you can use both hands or start with one. The workout through Kettlebell is about swinging, pressing and pulling the balls. However for different movements, you have to change the weights, accordingly and to balance the body is one of the important things to concentrate during the workout. The greatest advantage, Kettlebell training offers is that unlike other training techniques you get unified body movement.

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